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How Big is Pilot Salary in Philippines Airline?

Many people want to become a pilot simply because the salary of a pilot is much higher than the regular job salary. The question is how ‘big’ is it?

Well here is the detail:

  • First Officer: Once you graduated from a flight school, you can apply to local airline company (if you are not graduated from local Philippines flight school then you must take endorsement first). Once you get accepted, your title will be First Officer. The salary will be around P175.000 – P180.000.
  • Captain: Once you gain enough flight hours and many courses (usually takes 2-3 years), your title is now Captain. The salary of a captain is way better, ranging from P275.000 – P280.000

Now, if the salary is so good why don’t everyone become a pilot? It’s because the tuition fee in any flight schools (local and abroad) is also expensive. Here you can see TOP 10 Flight Schools in Philippines and also its tuition fee.

The bottom line is, the tuition fee is ranging from P3 million to P 5 million. Yes, it is expensive but you can get Return on Your Investment (ROI) between 2,5 – 3 years, not bad isn’t it?

Is there any pilot that receive P350.000++/month? Yes, they are senior captain. Usually in an airline, there are only few senior captain, the one who have most flight hours compare to other. Therefore if you want better salary, fly as often as possible :)


Which airline that give the highest salary in Philippines?

Well, we’ve been doing research and our conclusion is in average the salary is similar one to another. The airline companies that offers high salary is usually top airlines like SQ, Ethiad, Cathay but of course no fresh graduated can be accepted there.

How to get the flight hours faster?

Fly often especially if you are still single :)

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