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People LAUGH when I told them the information below is crucial until they need to pay extra P 5 Million to move to new flying school!

People think all flying schools are the same! As long as you have money then you’ll become pilot right away. In fact, many flight schools especially in Philippines often over promise. You’ll be surprised by the number of students who need to move to another school just because the current one is cheating your flight hours, taking forever to graduate, or even bankrupt .

FACT: There are around 35+ flight schools in Philippines itself, around half school is not reliable even some of it is almost bankrupt. Are you sure you know how to identify the good pilot school? Be careful guys!

Therefore, it’s really recommended to read simple guideline below of how to choose a good flight school:



How old is the school?

This is the first rule of thumb. It’s better to enroll to pilot¬†training school that at least 3 years old, the older the better. Why? Because there are many pilot schools that barely open but close in their first or second year.

What about their student? Well, if the school is bankrupt, the student need to enroll to another pilot school and of course, pay the FULL tuition fee once again.


How many aircraft that the flying school have?

Make sure you get this data. The only way you can graduate from a flight school is to complete 200 hours flight hours. To fly, you need aircraft.

Can you imagine if there are 30 students while the school only have 2 aircraft? It will take forever to graduate then.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) said that ideally there should be 1 aircraft for every 5 students. This way you can finish on time.


Do the school has their own airport?

Usually no one talks about this, airport. You see, even though the school has many aircraft but the school uses heavy traffic airport, the chance to get flight hours is difficult.

It is way better to enroll in a pilot course academy that has their own airport. Yes, their fee is a bit higher but you can graduate faster because you can finish the required flight hours within few months.

What is so important about graduate faster? If you can graduate faster, you can work at airline faster. Once you work, you get around P 175.000 – 180.000/month (this is the initial salary of First Officer Pilot). Now can you calculate how much money you lose if you need 24 months (or more) to graduate?

If the school has their own airport, you can graduate within 12 – 14 months only


What is the total fee?

Be careful with HIDDEN FEE

There are some flight schools that play dirty. They show you a very cheap price in the beginning but in the end, they rob you with many fees.

This is why you need us ( We know which school have hidden fee and which one don’t. Call us for detail.

By following the basic guideline above, you can be wiser when choosing the flying school!


To help you compare the flight schools, here are the TOP 10 flight schools in Philippines that we recommend:

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